Process, People & Product are the three most important aspects of any successful business.  Here is our process we will outline for you so we can produce our services to build your business.


Arrange a Discovery Meeting

Contact us to arrange a 'Discover Meeting' at your convenience.  This may take up to 2 hrs, but has been known to take longer depending on the scope & size of your business.  Please plan accordingly.

A 'Discovery Meeting' we will ask you a series of structured questions to get an understanding of your business, business goals, and expectations.

We will provide you with the answers you need to trust in our expertise, skill-sets and networking partnerships to develop the strategy and deliver the results through our tactical methods of Innovative Marketing & Advertising.


Building Cohesive Message or Idea

Every successful business has an underlining message or idea that sets them apart from their competitors.  IMAS-Consultants will understand your message or idea and embrace this within every facet of your marketing campaign from the colors you choose, to your customer’s experience. 

This message or idea may not be the vision or the mission statement, but reflects the unique qualities your business possesses innovatively to align with your Mission Statement & fulfill the Vision of your company.


Developing the Marketing Strategy

IMAS will research your industry, competitors, the market trends and your target market.  With this research our team will develop an innovative strategy to market your message, idea & brand to your target market in a cohesive tactical approach. 

IMAS Consulting will package the forms of marketing & advertising commodities available in a solution, within your budget structure to achieve the results and expectations you require to build your business.


Planning the Tactical Execution

With the business goals, cohesive message and the strategic plan, IMAS consultants can execute the Innovative Marketing & Advertising Solution and report results.  Here we can manage some or all aspects of your marketing campaign. 

Evaluation of ROI

IMAS consultants will present a Marketing Report & ROI (Return On Investment) for your business to see the results of the Innovative Marketing & Advertising Solution.  Here we can curtail & tweak the solution built on its success for projected market trends and for continued growth and fulfillment of the expectations of the business and its owners.


Marketing & Advertising Commodities